My New Home

Since this is the most frequent question I get, here is a little post about my new home. With pictures. I have about 20 square meters on the 6th floor to myself. The building is located just across the street from campus, and there is a 7/11 and a cafeteria next to it.

This is the view from my window:


First of all, I did not bring a whole lot with me. For example towels and bed linen just take up space in your suitcase and are fairly cheap, so I left those at home. So, where do you go to get your home equipped? That’s right, IKEA:

2014-09-07 18.18.33Jenny and her sister Sylvia took me there on my second day to get everything my room still lacked and to have a Swedish lunch (Sylvia was brave enough to try the Koettbullar – Swedish meatballs). Now that I’ve bought towels, bed linen, a reading lamp, a waste bin, clothes hangers, cleaning cloths, a bowl, drinking glasses, a tea mug, a knife, and some pillows, my rooms looks more more homelike.

This is where I sleep:

20140906_164059This is where I study (and blog):

20140906_164135This is where I shower and brush my teeth:



Aaaand that is pretty much all there is to see. It’s small, but sufficient.

Since we were already there, we also hit the Swedish food store pretty hard and bought several kinds of chocolate and oat cookies. The offer is in no obvious way different from the German stores and they also have the same huge blue bags, which I’m now using as a laundry basket, multi-functionality ftw.

That was my first bus trip here. I really like the EasyCard system (Link), it is indeed very easy and convenient. By the way, this is how bus stations look like in New Taipei City:

2014-09-07 18.17.35

PS: I forgot to unravel the mystery of the sealed package from Auntie Andrea. So here comes the big revelation: It’s a photo book! And an anti-homesickness remedy! And an overall awesome going away gift :) It reminds me of my past journeys and my home-town and is comprised from pictures I sent Andrea via email or WhatsApp. Please find a selection of impressions from Australia below.


From left to right: me Indiana-Jonesing it out in the outback, Sydney Harbour Bridge in a pretty light, a second hand shop in Alice Springs – see what they did there? see?? – and me riding a 4-wheeler on the Versace farm (Yes, I know an insane number of cool and famous people… or people who are distantly related to them);

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